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About Pilates

Pilates has been around for about a hundred years and was the brainchild of a man named Joseph Pilates who devoted his life to developing an exercise regime (termed “Contrology”) that would strengthen the whole body, relax the mind, prevent injury and promote better health and wellbeing.

Pilates is a full body conditioning technique that helps build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the abdominals, legs, arms, hips and back, without adding bulk. It emphasises spinal and pelvic alignment, helps you develop a strong core and improves balance and coordination. All of these things help you move with ease and grace and also improve your posture.


Check out Joseph Pilates’ incredible physique, even into his later life! To read more about Joseph Pilates and his fascinating life story, click here.

Pilates builds an evenly toned, long and lean body and helps prevent injuries as all muscles in the body are used – even the ones that have become weakened or lazy! In Pilates, weaker muscles are targeted as much as the stronger ones, ultimately creating a balance between the two which decreases the chance of injury.

Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen and are unique in their ability to encourage coordination between the muscles that stabilise the body. As a result, Pilates is fantastic for improving your posture and increasing your flexibility.

Pilates is based either on the mat or equipment – both forms are very effective and there are lots of modifications and options both to challenge you and also to support your body if you are weak in a particular area and need a little extra help!

Bluebird Pilates offers matwork, reformer, stability chair, arc barrel and barre pilates. I also use small equipment such as the magic circle, stability balls, flex bands, weighted balls, foam rollers, swiss balls etc. This means your program can be tailored to your needs and level of fitness and you will never be bored!

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