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Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates is a fantastic and safe form of exercise during your pregnancy. Pilates will help keep the muscular strength required from the back, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles needed to accommodate changes in your body and help support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

No two women's bodies are the same and this is especially true during pregnancy – each pregnancy is truly unique! If you decide to do Pilates with me during pregnancy, your program will be individualized in line with where you are in your pregnancy, how you are feeling, your body’s needs and any special changes or conditions you are experiencing.

Your body will go through many changes during pregnancy - nearly every organ and system in the body is affected, so exercise needs to be adapted and modified as the pregnancy progresses – for example, you should not do abdominal crunches during pregnancy! Please feel free to get in touch if you need advice about what types of exercise are safe to do during pregnancy.


Benefits of Pilates during Pregnancy

Here are some of the benefits of doing Pilates during pregnancy:


  • Maintain your level of fitness and help you prepare for the demands of labour and delivery
  • Shorten recovery time after birth
  • Promote good posture – your posture will alter significantly during pregnancy
  • Prevent some common pregnancy problems such as lower back pain, shoulder / neck pain etc
  • Boost to your self esteem and mood
  • Build body awareness – this is instrumental for fast postnatal recovery

In summary, a strong healthy body throughout your pregnancy will keep you active and make for a much quicker recovery after birth!

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